Google Chrome Update Cracks Down on Non-SSL Websites

Google Chrome SSL Update

Google Chrome Update Cracks Down on Non-SSL Websites

As you may have heard, Google Chrome is receiving an update called Chrome 62 in October. This new version of the popular browser will bring about many changes, one of which being the browser will regard ANY website that doesn’t have an SSL Certificate installed to be insecure.

This means anyone using Google Chrome and visiting a website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate will be shown the website is insecure. By seeing a website isn’t secured by an SSL certificate, many visitors may end up leaving the site before they’ve even begun reading anything.

What an SSL Certificate does is encrypt the data travelling between your website and your visitors, ensuring that malicious third-parties can’t get their hands on the sensitive data your customers may be typing into your website, such as passwords or credit card details.

Non-SSL-secured websites can be identified as they start with http://, while secured websites start with https://. SSL-protected websites receive a green padlock as well as either a green “Secure” label or the company’s own name, in the Chrome browser’s address bar (depending on the type of SSL certificate the website has opted for).

Speak with your web developer to find out more information about setting up an SSL Certificate for your website.

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